Author, journalist, and multi-published fiction writer Meagan J. Meehan has just announced the debut of her first online children’s book writing class. The approximately eight-week long class will begin on Friday August 2 and run until Sunday October 6. No set times to attend are required, meaning that each student can make their own hours to fit their schedule. By the conclusion of the class, every participant will have completed a children’s book which will then be professionally illustrated, audio narrated, and produced as an eBook through Smart Kidz Club Publishing. Anyone who takes part in the class will also receive a copy of their story free.

Meagan J. Meehan is a published novelist, poet, produced playwright, and screenwriter. She holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature, a Masters degree in Communication, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology.

If twelve or more people sign up for the class, there will be an additional feature of cash prizes and ribbons. Anyone who consents will automatically be entered into a contest. One “winner” will be selected and will be mailed an award and given a $100 cash prize. Second and third place winners will also receive a ribbon and $50 and $25 cash prizes, respectively.

“When I created this class, I wanted to ensure that everyone who attends will find the experience to be worthwhile,” Meehan explained in a recent exclusive interview. “There are many writing classes out there but few that offer publication and the end and this is a traditional publisher, not self-publishing.”

Meehan has previous experience designing online classes in the Horror genre and plans to expand into Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Crime Drama in the very near future. However, this forthcoming class is her first foray into teaching children’s book writing.

“For the full eight weeks, which includes the professionally illustrated end result, the price is $485,” Meehan explained. “I know that seems like a lot so I offer payment plans for as little as $20 a week. The only requirements are only that students write well in English, stick to age-appropriate topics/guidelines, and pay in US dollars. However, until the class is paid IN FULL the story will not be published and any prizes the participant might win will be held until payments are complete.”

Although the “full package” costs $485, Meehan is sympathetic to the fact that money is tight for many people. Thus, she has broken the class options down into several different “packages” that vary in price. The payment plans for as little as $10 a week are available across ALL plans.

  • Package 1:Full Class. $485. This includes the eight-week class, professional illustrations, audio narration, and placement on the Smart Kidz Club website.


  • Package 2:Self Illustration. $350. This includes the eight-week class, audio narration, and placement on the Smart Kidz Club website.


  • Package 3:Publishing Reengaging. $385. This includes the eight-week class, professional illustrations, audio narration, and placement on the Smart Kidz Club website.


  • Package 4:Self Illustration and Publishing Reengaging. $285. This will include the eight-week class but the participant will illustrate their own story and then opt not to have it published via Smart Kidz Club.


  • Package 5:One Page Illustration and Narration. $250. This will include the eight-week class, one professional “cover page” illustration, and having the story professionally audio narrated and shared on YouTube (with the writer’s permission, of course).

The contest will not be implemented unless over 12 students sign up for package 1 and 2; the students enrolled under the other packages won’t be eligible for the contest perks. 

There is a limit of 35 people per class. If you are interested in signing up, please email Meagan at MeehanMS(at)aol(dot)com . She will be available to answer any questions anyone may have pertaining to the class.

To learn more, visit the official Smart Kidz Club website.

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