Kids never cease to amaze me!!!

It was one of those ‘How-Should-I-React-To-This’ moments for me when my daughter was playing with a cute model of the omnipresent Mickey Mouse. The number ‘2011’ was inscribed on this model-perhaps to indicate that this was a 2011 model..or perhaps to indicate that this could be a perfect gift throughout 2011..I dont know.

What I know is that this number triggered my 4-year-old daughter’s brain into something unthinkable for adults. I realized what was going on inside her little head  only when I heard the loud ring tone of our phone and some quick number beeps. I hurried to check what was going on and this is what her little self explained…

Me: ” Ameya, what’s going on?’

Ameya: I am dialing Mickey Mouse’s number. I want to talk to him.

Me: Mickey Mouse? Where did you get that from?

Ameya: It’s written here( Pointing to the 2011 inscription on the toy).

Me( After a good bout of laughter): Well..that’s not Mickey’s number to speak to. That’s the year..

Ameya(Very promptly): Amma, can I talk to “YEAR’?

Do kids ever give up….?????