Altair Ariel is a small company based in Lincoln, Nebraska, that specializes in robotic toys such as boats and drones. The company is dedicated to producing top-quality items and providing customer service like no other brand.

Matt C. is the founder of the brand who has been involved in finding the latest and greatest tech toys ever since he was a teenager. Matt recently discussed his company and more.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you come up with the concept for Altair Ariel and why did you select that name?

Matt C (MC): Since our main products are drones, we wanted the name to be centered around flight. I was mostly inspired by the Arabian language when deciding on the company name. Altair Aerial roughly translates to “The Flyer” or “The Flying One”.


Altair Ariel’s speedboats zip along the water at incredible speeds.

MM: How did you decide which specific items to sell and how involved are you in the design process?

MC: We saw an opportunity in focusing on beginner drones as most models at the time where either micro sized or professional grade. There weren’t many middle ground options when we decided to open our business. Our team is involved in the design process from start to finish. It’s the best way to make sure everything we sell is up to our quality standards and that our customers will enjoy it as much as we do.

MM: Why do you focus so much on drones and/or boats?

MC: We like selling products that we have fun using ourselves. The whole office loves testing out our drones, boats, and trucks so it makes selling our products that much easier and a lot of fun.


Altair Ariel dedicates much time and effort to their designs.

MM: How did you create the prototypes and how are they different from the final product?

MC: We typically go through multiple samples and test each one to see which product we believe is the best. Then, we’ll have an office meeting to vote on the final designs that we want to put into production.

MM: What was the process of finding a factory to produce it like?

MC: We try to only work with trusted partners who have years of proven experience. To help with this process, we also work with third-party companies who test and work with partners on our behalf.

MM: Why is customer service of such vital importance to you and your company?

MC: There’s no better feeling than being able to delight our customers, and we really pride ourselves in being able to provide next level customer service to them. No one can fail when their primary purpose is service driven.

MM: To date, what has been the most rewarding part of working within the toy industry?


Altair Ariel also creates trucks that can roll over rough terrain.

MC: The most rewarding part about selling drones and other RC toys is being able to give our friends and family free gifts. Seeing kids’ eyes light up, it’s like being able to experience everything good about being a kid again.

MM: Where do you hope your company will be in ten years?

MC: We hope to scale the unscalable with our business and always work to reach new heights. Our biggest goal is continuing to build real, meaningful relationships with our customers and team.

MM: Are there any upcoming events–or impending releases–that you would like to mention?


Altair Ariel is especially well-known for their excellent drones.

MC: We have a new RC truck for sale that is a ton of fun. We are also working on our most advanced drone to date. It’s going to have a lot of features customers have requested and we are excited to continue developing it.

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To learn more, visit the official Altair website and Facebook.

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