Have you heard about the AIForIndia event? Do you find it interesting for your child? Delve into all the details here.

While living in a world that is surrounded by AI, we feel intimidated to discover the technology and feel mesmerized by its functioning. Robots, self-driving cars, proactive healthcare management devices, marketing booths, and the endless list of AI-driven equipment enchant us through their captive technology. 

Children are inquisitive and ask numerous questions. They find the answers in their quest for understanding the workings of various objects. Experts at GUVI feel the need to introduce AI to children at a young age, and they know exactly how to do so. 

A window to GUVI

GUVI(Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint) is an IIT MADRAS incubated company. GUVI has an innovative teaching process. It offers more than 200+ Programming and IT courses like Java, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and many more in native languages. Yes, with GUVI, you can learn programming languages in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and many other languages in addition to English. 

Free Python Course

GUVI offers certifications and internships. Learners get free access to programming platforms like CodeKata and WebKata too. GUVI’s website offers all the details of the courses and technologies. Check the website for further inquiries. 

GUVI’s Hackerkid is an exclusive segment for Kids. HackerKID introduces kids to the world of coding through interactive, engaging, and creative online games, making it the first-ever platform that gamifies coding for kids.

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What is #AIforIndia after all?

GUVI, in association with AICTE, will host its event AIforIndia. This event will be live from April 24th, 6 pm to 25th, 6 pm, 2021. In this workshop, kids will learn to build a Face Recognition app using Python. Let your kids Master the Python skills from the experts with this Python workshop. All for FREE! No kidding. Register for free and excel in AI.  

The first step to understanding AI is mastering programming skills. GUVI and other coding experts believe that Programming in Python is easy, therefore it is the language to start.

Kids and adults are welcome to learn Python with AIforIndia.Individuals with no prior coding experience can join this event too. 

free python course

GUVI has registered this AIforIndia 1.0 for Guinness World Record. Yes! This massive event will break a World record by upskilling over 1 million participants in a single virtual event. Come be a part of this GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. 

AIforIndia is an initiative to make India a leader in Artificial Intelligence. You can make it happen. Just register for free, attend the event, and let this AI revolution spread wide!

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Why should you register your kids for AIforIndia?

  • Activate your Python Course – An opportunity to unlock a free Python course is knocking at your doors. Your child’s presence in this AIforIndia event can present them with an unending list of possibilities.
  • Building a Face Recognition App independently isn’t easy! Learning this skill will boost your child’s confidence and open up an array of opportunities for him.
  • GUVI Certifications marking the World Record Participation will be an added benefit for your child.
  • There will also be Free Expert Sessions on AI as well.

Register your kids for this 90 minutes event and become a part of the AI revolution. 

Share the details of this event with 10 to 50,000 people and get exciting prizes such as free Netflix subscription, iPhone X, etc. It is indeed a great opportunity!


Register Here and get GUVI’s Free Python Course