Adventerra Games is a Swiss-based company with operations in the US. It produces board games and puzzles with eco-friendly messages. Kids learn through play how to help preserve and protect the environment. All of their products are made of sustainable materials and are authenticated. Even the shrinkwrap, required by retailers, is made of sugarcane instead of petroleum!

AdventerraThe educational games include components such as getting points for turning off lights when you leave a room or turning off the water while brushing your teeth. To date, there are nine games in the line which sells globally. Adventerra Games in the US has won over 75 awards in less than two years, impressive by any standards but even more so when one considers that this is a family-owned entrepreneurial business.

AdventerraOne of their most popular—and adorable-offerings is “Ecologic Memory: Animals at Risk.” This is a memory game featuring 32 cards (aka 16 matches) that require players to match an animal with its baby. The matched pair is a baby and its mama. Intended for children as young as two, the game features beautiful illustrations of endangered animals and their habitats. While there are countless variations of memory games, this particular version truly conveys the importance of conservation in a gentle yet effective way.


To learn more about Adventerra Games visit their official website. To purchase a copy of “Ecologic Memory,” see here. A video of the game can be watched on YouTube.

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