It was the bed-time story routine. The kids have a new fascination for the Lav-Kush duo( Thanks to the Lav-Kush series on Cartoon Network).

Both: Amma, tell us Lav-Kush story.

Me: I dont know the version you watch on CN.  I can tell you another one…

Both: Yes ! Yes!

So, off I went on how in the olden-golden days , kids like Ananya and Ameya used to be away at a Gurukul for the sake of knowledge…

Me:  They were sent to a Gurukul at the age of 5. So, they were like you, Ameya…

Ameya:  Did their moms go with them?

Me: No..Only the Guru’s wife took care of everybody like a mom…The kids didn’t just go to school in a van, sit in a classroom and then return by evening…They helped out in everything- woke up early in the morning and cleaned the Ashram, helped the Guru-mom to cook, cleaned the kitchen, got firewood from the forest, helped serve everybody , learnt from the Guru and also played a lot, of course! They learnt everything from A to Z.

Ananya(very promptly): They learnt only from A to Z? They didn’t learn words and numbers?

Me: !!!!:D