purpose of life

IMgae courtesy: themuslimtimes.org

Met a very interesting person over the weekend. A techie-turned-holistic medicine enthusiast, he has quit his high-paying job to pursue his passions in healing. He also happens to be one of our friend’s husband, which is how we knew him since he doesn’t go around proclaiming his accomplishments to the world (Some of his cures are nothing short of miracles!)

Something he said has been ringing in my head for the last 2 days…

” Anything that deviates from its purpose is broken. A chair, for example, is sure to get damaged by disuse for a very long period of time. Similarly, it will break if you stand on it, jump on it, use it as barricade, etc etc. Similarly every human being has purpose. When the purpose is unfulfilled by distractions, it manifests in the form of dis-ease in the human body.”

It struck me as very profound. In this age, when we are all struggling to find our own purpose to life, but hardly find the time or the company to even string our concerns into words, this might have a very deep bearing on our health.

I am wondering what every child had as its purpose? And HOW would a child know? What can parents do to help? Does forgetting your purpose start from childhood?

I am particularly interested because Big A has been suffering from chronic Excema since her babyhood. If this is deeper than just the skin, we better work on the root cause.