Neuroscience says that a baby’s brain at birth is a quarter of the size of an adult brain. The formation of the brain begins even before birth and continues into adulthood. In the first few years of life, more than 1 million neural connections are formed every second. The foundations for the neural pathways needed for complex regulatory capabilities – like motivation, self-regulation, problem-solving and communication are best laid during the early years.  By the end of the first year, the brain grows to about 80% of the adult size. By the age of, it nearly reaches full-size. It’s imperative that this critical window of brain development is leveraged for optimum learning, that can impact learning and well-being throughout their lives, much beyond those early years. 

The Mindseed preschool learning model is designed to capitalize on the window of accelerated neurodevelopment of children.

Here are 5 ways in which the MindSeed preschool program taps into the rapid brain development phase of the early years:

  1. Longer, immersive learning experience: To make up for the gap years of the pandemic, Mindseed has designed a longer-term, immersive learning experience for early years children. While the typical academic year is at 9 months from June to March, the Mindseed preschool program offers a 16-month learning window, giving space and time to beat the traditional factory model of learning. The immersive learning experience allows each child to blossom at their own pace in all areas. 
  2. Personal learning baseline: The Mindseed preschool program also benchmarks every child’s baseline level of ability and skill in every area while joining. The extra time acts as a buffer for them to settle in and focus on their social and interpersonal skills while settling in to begin their learning journey. 
  3. Personalized Curriculum: The Mindseed curriculum is based on adaptive learning and nourishes the child’s soul by providing a nurturing approach to learning based on understanding the staggered learning phases of children. 
  4. Specially designed for toddlers: The Mindseed preschool program leverages the window of brain development in early childhood and provides over 1000+ activities designed to aid development in toddlers. One of the unique features of Mindseed is that it encourages parents to be partners in education with these activities. 

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  1. Milestone measures: The achievement of milestones is not measured uniformly for all the children in the classroom. Mindseed provides a well thought-out adaptive milestone map for learners with different learning needs and abilities.The design and thought behind the Mindseed Preschool program encourages cognitive and physical development, social skills and language development. Needless to say, when a child’s needs are met where they are, disciplinary issues disappear. 

Mindseed truly believes that early education is not just a primer to ‘real’ education that is to come later. The preschool learning program is designed to leverage the critical early years for a wholesome learning experience. 

Note: Parents only have to pay for 12 months for the entire course duration of 16 months

Photo by Yan Krukov.