Teenage years are always tough, but in some ways they’re trickier now than ever. 

The youth is seeing the world change in unprecedented ways. The future will see new jobs mushroom, many of which are yet to develop into fully-fleshed-out careers. Competition is rising for teens as geographical barriers are being teared down. The Washington Post predicts that home ownership among youth will plummet in the coming years.

Of course, the pandemic compounds these pre-existing problems, all of which mean that the traditional route of moving from high school to university and into the workplace is not necessarily the best route for many.

Today, teen jobs are an essential and important step to successful careers. Here are five alternative ways teens can launch into independence. 

Trade apprenticeships

Many tradespeople earn more than graduates and in most nations there’s a steady demand for their skills. 

Becoming a tradesperson like a carpenter, bricklayer, plumber or electrician can be a fulfilling and lucrative career for a young person, and it definitely constitutes a straightforward career path.

The work demands physical activity while also stimulating the mind. There’s also a sense of achievement garnered from working on physical projects which is rare with other types of profession – every time you pass an amazing edifice you can say you helped build it! 

Take a look here for Trade apprenticeships that are available from progressive companies like Persimmon Homes and others.

Social media

Earning a living as a vlogger or influencer still isn’t regarded as a ‘real job’ by some people, but many millennials have successfully monetized their skills, talents, abilities and interests and are happily making sustainable careers exclusively online. They employ themselves, and what’s more they are in a position to create more teen jobs for people like themselves.

This is a career path that requires lots of planning and guidance, so it’s vital to find a niche, differentiate your personal brand and work hard on the presentation skills that help you connect with an audience that could be worldwide.

Whether you’re ace at applying fierce makeup, a diet and fitness expert, a fashion guru or love collecting and unboxing rare trainers, wouldn’t it be wonderful to make a living doing the thing you love most and sharing your passion with like-minded people and gaining new converts to your cause all the time?

Online learning

Online learning is standard now for millions of students of all ages in many parts of the world. But even at the best of times, studying for a degree in a bricks and mortar university doesn’t always suit every teen.

Getting an online degree is an increasingly savvy choice for teens who want to study flexibly while they work. Finding teen jobs online help them apply their new knowledge instantly and move onwards and upwards once they graduate. 

There are other significant side-benefits of studying for an online degree too – if you aren’t already, you’ll quickly become completely au fait with the technology required for self-paced learning and employers will realize that you have the discipline and determination to be an effective self-starter. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from lasting friendships with classmates from all over the world, expanding your potential holiday destinations exponentially! 

Creative crowdfunding

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Teens with a creative talent, whether it’s prose, poetry, illustration, acting or anything else, can often feel stifled because it’s tough to take the necessary time to nurture their talents until they’ve made the necessary adjustments and connections to earn a living from them.

However, crowdfunding platforms for creatives like Patreon can help – creatives can seek sponsorship from patrons for specific projects and reward them with sneak peaks, previews and exclusive deals.

Creative industries are sometimes dismissed by the corporate world as a little airy-fairy, but if they get that extra push to propel them at first, there’s a market for anyone who excels in the arts – besides the fact that following your dream feels fantastic! 


With the way the world is changing, we need more and more health professionals; both for physical and mental health.

This is a broad sector with lots of exciting opportunities in the teen jobs sector – a rewarding career for a caring and personable teen could be anything from becoming a mental health nurse with the NHS to an online fitness instructor, or even a bit of both! 

The mantra of ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ will only become more relevant over the next few years, with more people working from home and seeking a balanced lifestyle where their diet, physical fitness and mental health combine to ensure that they’re happy, healthy, positive and productive. 

This quintet of quintessential career tips won’t suit every teen looking for career guidance, but even reading through these options should spark the inspiration necessary to formulate a fab alternative.

The job market is more competitive than ever in some ways, but this is balanced out by the fact that there are teen jobs online that are more varied and diverse – which means there are more opportunities for anyone with the moxie to grab them firmly with both hands! 


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Tell us in the comments section whether any of these alternative teen career paths appeal!