Cities across the world have issued mandatory school closures to stem the spread of the Corona Virus. Most people, infected or not, are in quarantine. Office goers are working remotely from home. Children are at home.  Malls are empty, parks are deserted. Can’t even go out for a movie! It’s a recipe for boredom and friction caused from idleness.So, what does one do to stay productive and pass the time?

Here’s a quick list of 42 things you could do to spend time while you’re stuck at home due to the Corona Virus quarantine.

  1. That show you’ve always wanted to watch on your favorite streaming channel but didn’t have time? Binge watch.
  2. Write reviews of all products bought online
  3. Play board games with your family or neighbors
  4. Play video games
  5. Lego! Or any blocks for that matter.
  6. Start and complete a 1000 piece puzzle
  7. Teach your teens and pre-teens to cook!
  8. Organise a virtual meet with your friends.
  9. Sort your accessories
  10. Talk to your siblings and your parents/children.
  11. Pamper yourself- do a mani-pedi or give yourself a facial.
  12. Deep clean your home
  13. Go for a walk
  14. Organize your finances
  15. Create a budget for 2020
  16. Learn to draw
  17. Learn to paint.
  18. Try a new recipe
  19. Watch TED talks
  20. Origami!
  21. Make paper bags from newspapers
  22. Read!
  23. Listen to audiobooks
  24. Organize your closet
  25. Back up your gadgets
  26. Plan your next vacation
  27. Start a new habit- Meditation, exercise
  28. Garden!
  29. Begin learning a new language!
  30. Listen to music
  31. Sleep!
  32. Do one thing you’ve been putting off for ages
  33. Write a poem, a short story, or start a journal
  34. Make a bucket list for 2020
  35. Make a scrapbook
  36. Learn a magic trick
  37. Finish an unfinished project
  38. Clean your fridge
  39. Polish your jewelry
  40. Write a letter to a friend
  41. Practice calligraphy
  42. Make paper mache jewelry

Stay tuned for the SPINS 2020 Virtual conference happening this April.