This time of the new year is great for families to come together, give presents, and indulge in treats galore! This year, every family deserves a little extra treat, after what we have all been through in the past year! If you are stuck for ideas this year, then look no further as we run some of the best Christmas gift ideas for the whole family this year.

4 Simple Christmas Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

Gaming Console

First on this list is what is likely to top many Christmas gift ideas lists this year, and that’s the latest gaming console. This gift will bring joy and entertainment to the whole family, simply choose the game titles that take your fancy then organize who gets to play when. The recent release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X has caused a huge spike in demand, which was to be expected with any console release, but due to the fallout from the pandemic production has been low so stock is very limited which has left people scrambling to buy one for themselves and unfortunately due to the demand we have seen a huge amount being resold at upwards of double the retail price. If you want to snag yourself one of the latest consoles, then you will need to regularly check levels for stock to avoid disappointment.

TV Streaming Service

Christmas is best spent sitting around, full to the point of bursting whilst watching your favorite festive TV. If this sounds like your idea of a great Christmas, then for your gift for the whole family consider gifting a TV streaming service like Netflix or Disney Plus this year! The setup is easy, and you can start watching your old and new favorites in no time, and what’s great about TV streaming services is there is something for everyone, regardless of how niche their tastes might be!

Matching Personalised Clothes

If your family, like many, has been separated this year due to the pandemic and lockdown measures Christmas will be a time when you can all gather together to share in the festivities. To make this extra special you could consider gifting each member of your family a piece of personalized clothing, with their names and your own design, or family crest. You can get your personalized clothing from Banana Moon Clothing, there you will find a wide range of garment styles, colors, and sizes so you are guaranteed to find the right garments for your present to the entire family.

Family Get Away

If you are part of a family who has spent an increased amount of time together this year whether it was caused by the furlough scheme, working from home, or isolation, then it’s likely you will need a little break and some time to rest and relax, out of your home. There are many holiday retreats suitable for the whole family which are packed full of adventure and activities, but if you want something a little more feet up then consider a destination with a kid’s club, giving you time to escape the routine of parenting and hit the spa!

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels