Many authors have published several nature books for kids. This article outlines some of the best illustrated nature books for children.

Nature books are stimulating for kids

Nature books for are a great way to not just get them started on reading, but also help them connect deeply with their environments. Once kids start going to school and start on a regular reading practice, they identify better with picture-aided studying.

Here is a list of some of the best nature books for 5 year olds, to sustain their interest in the new skill they are acquiring.

1. The Atlas of Ocean Adventures

Atlas of Ocean Adventures: Nature books for kids
Atlas of Ocean Adventures by Lucy Letherland

This is a masterpiece published in November last year. Written by Emily Hawkins and illustrated by Lucy Letherland, it carries with it the unmistakable aura of aquatic life and water events. It is one of the best nature books for kids.

2. Everything & Everywhere


This is an adventurous illustration book by Marc Martin, published in 2018. The illustrations traverse cities, countries and continents to bring the young reader to life outside their home. Generally, it is a fact book about the world for kids.

Everything and Everywhere:Nature books for kids
Everything and Everywhere

3. What Do They Do with All That Poo?

Another real masterpiece about animals was done in June 2018 by Jane Kurtz and illustrated by Allison Black. With its plot in the zoo, the book interests children with facts about the pomade by the animals in the zoo and where it goes.

What do they do with all that poo: Nature books for kids
What do they do with all that poo?


4.Wild World

Angela McAllister authored this book in March 2018, with Hvass & Hannibal doing the illustrations. It is a collection of poems and pictures about the wildernesses that existed on Earth.

Wild World- Nature books for kids
Wild World

5. Nature Walk Journal

This is one of the best children’s books about nature. Authored by Potter Style, it seeks to educate more on the nature surrounding us. It is recommended for families who have kids schooling from home.

Nature Walk Journal: Nature books for kids

6. The Curious Nature Guide

Distinguished environmental book author Clare Walker is the author of this book. It contains illustrations of nature existing all around us. It even teaches how to identify them.

The Curious Nature Guide: Nature books for kids

7. Laws Guide to Nature: Drawing and Journaling

John Muir Laws is the author of this exemplary work. It contains stepwise illustrations on how to imagine and show the different natural features by kids.

The Laws guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling- Nature books for kids

8. The Outdoor Classroom in Practice

Authored by Karen Constable, this book offers a glimpse into supervised forest expeditions in photos and illustrations. It is a classic for ages 3-7. It serves to get the young minds occupied by outdoor life.

The Outdoor Classroom in Practice-Nature books for kids

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9. I Love Dirt!

The magnificent book by Jennifer Ward presents 52 open-ended activities that kids can do and enjoy outside the house. The activities indulge the kid in the excursion and provide them with something they can bond with.

I love dirt- Nature books for kids

10. Mother Nature is Awesome

The book takes a look into natural relief features and natural phenomena. Entitled ‘From Volcanoes to Earthquakes,’ it was done by Speedy Publishing, and it entails illustrations of the countryside as we see it.

Mother Nature is Awesome-Nature books for kids

11. Caring for Nature

Charlotte Guillain authored this book intentionally meant to motivate and interest kids into taking care of the environment. It is a series of publications that educate on the environment’s existence and what our roles are.

Caring for Nature- Nature books for kids

12. Forest has a Song

This is a collection of poems and illustrations by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater into a book. The book depicts the residents’ perspectives in the view of the surroundings. The poems are easy to read for school-going kids.

Forest Has a Song- Nature books for kids

13. The Kids Guide to Exploring Nature

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Educators came up with an illustrated book that covers different natural sceneries. From beaches to parks, the book’s illustrations motivate kids as they look to interact more with nature.

The Kids Guide to Exploring Nature- Nature books for kids

14. N is for Nature

If you’re looking for a children’s book to read at bedtime, this is the recommended standard for school going kids. This is an environmental alphabet book authored by Tim Magner. It uses the alphabet to inspire the shapes of features in the book, making it interesting.

N is for Nature: Nature books for kids

15. Nature Crafts for Kids

This is a project book that shows over 50 cool projects a kid can do with nature. It enables a kid to understand the natural world around them early in their childhood.

50+Nature Crafts- Nature books for kids

16. Wonders of Nature

Authored by Jane Werner Watson, it contains thrilling artwork published along with captivating texts that motivate the young reader. The pictures bring nature to life in the mind of young readers.

Wonders of Nature-Nature books for kids


17. Nature is Awesome

This is yet another book done by Speedy Publishing. It contains pictures mingled with fun facts about nature that interest kids. It grows a child’s imagination as they interact with nature in photos.

Nature is Awesome- Nature books for kids

18. The Everything Kids’ Nature Book

This delightful book carries with it the most basic knowledge of nature. The author, Kathiann Kowalski, exposes the food chain to kids, expounds on the jungle’s life and discusses how plants make their food.

The Everything Kids Nature Book- Nature books for kids

19. National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry

Patrick Lewis authors this book. It contains more than 200 poems that run alongside exclusive photos of nature. The cumulative effect is so real to the kids it just takes their breath away.

Book of Nature Poetry- Nature books for kids

20. Play the Forest School Way

This book is a craft of woodland skills authored by Peter Houghton. It is based on nature, and it inspires plays that kids can learn from. The book teaches kids how to use the nature around them as they grow.

Play the Forest School Way- Nature books for kids


21. Fun with Nature

This is yet another book that motivates kids to learn fun games from nature around them. Mel Boring authored it. It is specifically themed to focus on nature in our backyards, hence its suitability to kids.

Fun with Nature- Nature books for kids

22. Keeping a Nature Journal

Written by Clare Walker Leslie, it is meant to inspire a new look into the world around kids. They get to learn how to reconnect with nature by sketching and drawing nature in books.

Keeping a Nature Journal- Nature books for kids

23. Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book

This is another book that teaches kids how best to make their time with nature. It reiterates skills that make it fun to be a kid. The Globe Pequot Press illustrates 448 things that a child can do with nature.

The Kids Outdoor Adventure- Nature books for kids

24. Nature Anatomy

Authored by Julia Rothman, it contains illustrations that help understand nature as it is in a simple way. This book is a combination of science and art in an educational guide to learning nature.

Nature Anatomy-Nature books for kids


25. The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Lost Signs

The author, Tristan Gooley, illustrates how to use natural clues to know your path. The book illustrates how to predict weather, locate animals in the wild, and other skills. It reintroduces skills lost in the society.

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