When you’re a parent, your mind is always in a million different places.
And when you’re a working parent, the number of things you have to think (and worry) about multiples.
Are the kids ready for school? Did they get their homework done? What time is my meeting again? Is the presentation ready?

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When you’re at work, you’re probably trying to juggle a bunch of different things — planning dinner, texting your teen, and getting actual work done. You may feel stretched thin and find it hard to focus.
If you have this problem, there are many hacks based on scientific studies that could boost your productivity.
To give you some pointers, GetVoIP created an infographic on 19 science backed hacks to improve productivity.
They’re separated into three categories — creating a hospitable environment, optimizing your workflow, and taking strategic breaks.
You will essentially find tips that will help you most in all areas of your work life.