We could measure our time by the number of days. Or we could create experiences, build memories. One of my absolute favourites on looking at Time with perspective is by Tim Urban, the co-founder of Wait But Why.

I am rephrasing him here, “If we break down the number of days you have left on this planet, and then go on to analyse the number of times you have the opportunity to do your favourite things, you could be left with just a handful of opportunities to do those things you love.”

I love tea time with my dad(one strong reason is that he thinks I am the best tea-maker in the world). Let’s say I have 30 years left on this planet, he perhaps has fewer. Considering that most of my afternoons are spent away from him at teatime, my opportunity to do this thing has already dwindled to about 10%. The remaining days, when I still have the opportunity to be with him, he is surrounded by other people and things demanding his attention. On other days, my attention is scattered among other people and things. Out of the remaining days left, there might be some days where we have just expressed differences on something and prefer our ‘space’. So no shared teatime. Out of this time left, some ‘urgent’ things come up every now and again. At the end of it, I am left with only a handful of opportunities to enjoy tea time with my dad.

Time is the only unrelenting warrior. We never get a second chance at the same moment ever again. Our lives are really only a series of things we do with this time, every moment.


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