Decorating any room of your house can be a daunting yet interesting and enjoyable experience, but decorating your child’s room can be quite difficult as it depends on the personality of the child.  Each child has a unique and different personality with different likes and dislikes. You might hate something that your kid loves, but you must follow what they want. If you are looking for kids room ideas including baby room decor ideas, here are a few great tips! 

10 Do-It-Now Kids Room Ideas 

Shelves That Work

It is always a good choice to add as much storage in your kid’s room as possible.  Kids tend to be hoarders and they do not like to throw things away. But instead of adding boring pieces to store things, be more creative and add pieces that blend with the theme of the room. You can also get moveable storage carts. Other options include pretty and colourful chests, baskets, and cartons. You can also add shelves to the bed so that you can tuck away any bedsheets, linen, and other similar stuff. 

Upgrading Is Essential

An important aspect of any kids bedroom design ideas is that kids grow quickly. Not only do kids grow in size and age, but they also tend to change their tastes, likings and dislikes a lot which makes it quite difficult to keep up with them. If you want to avoid any unnecessary hassle in the future, it is recommended to keep the kids’ room flexible and upgradeable. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of money just to make changes whenever your kids want them. 

Let the Creativity (and Lights) Shine

Do not underestimate the importance of lighting in a room, especially your kids room. Lights are an easy way to make the room look amazing and you can always update, change, and upgrade them for cheap. Try incorporating fairy lights, patterned lights, colourful lights, starry lights, etc. to create a cosy and dazzling atmosphere in the kids’ room.

Another way to make the room look pretty is by doing things with the ceiling. You can hang some craft items on the ceiling or can also put things such as wall decor to make the room look interesting. 

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All the Colours of the Rainbow

Kids love colours. No kid would like to live in a room that is drab and dark painted in shades such as pale beige, gloomy grey, or disappointing blues. Having bright and bold colours in your kids’ room will make it look upbeat, bright, and youthful. You can always choose your kid’s favourite colour to paint the room or choose a mix of a couple of colours such as primary colours and pastels to create an interesting palette.

Colours can also be incorporated into the room through blinds, bedspreads, rugs, as well as wallpaper and curtains. Be sure to create a balance between the colours by mixing bold and bright colours with soothing neutrals.

High-rise Bed

kids room ideas - creative storage

Kids’ rooms are generally smaller than adult rooms even though they tend to have a lot more things. It is necessary to make the most of all the space that is available in your kid’s room. This includes using pieces of furniture that can serve dual uses such as high-rise beds or bunk beds (if you have more than one kid). This will allow you a lot more space for storage. Do add details of their favourite movie or cartoon character to make the bed seem more personal. 

Memories Are Gold

Do add memorabilia and family photos in your kids’ room. This will not only add a decorative touch to the room but will also keep the kid connected with you and the family. Do not store or stash away your memories in boxes where they will lay forgotten, instead display them on walls. 

Keep It Simple

While kids need a lot of space and storage, kids’ rooms can get cluttered quite quickly. To avoid this, it is best to keep the furnishings as basic and simple as possible. This will allow the kids to be more creative and the neutral canvas can be updated every year as your kid grows up. 

Free Space, Free Life

Everyone deserves some ‘me’ time to get away from everything and just enjoy their own company. Kids are not different. Allow some space for kids- physical and mental, where they can sit and read or do whatever else they like away from all forms of distractions. 

Creative storage ideas- kids room ideas

Creative Storage Options

Try to incorporate different storage options including shelves and baskets for toys and other paraphernalia. If you plan to decorate the kid’s room with some delicate items, a shelf out of reach would be the most suitable place to put these things. This way the kids won’t be able to access them. 

Busy Hands, Busy Minds

If you have enough space, try to create a kid-friendly work area. Allow your kids to have their own space in which they can experiment, be creative, and have fun. This will not only keep them busy (and out of your way) but these activities are also essential for the mental as well as physical development of the kids. A personal workspace can be great for slightly older kids as they would be able to study and finish their homework in this space. 

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One important thing that every parent or guardian needs to remember while designing and decorating a kids’ room is that they must take into account what their kids want. Each child has a unique attitude, sense, style, and personality, which needs to be reflected in their room.  Go through some of these kids room ideas with them to involve them in the process. This will not only be a fun experience for them but will also serve as a great bonding time for both.  

Which of these kids room ideas are you gonna pick?